Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive calls and send and receive messages over a wireless internet connection. To use this feature, once your phone is active:

  1. Your phone and SIM card must be Wi-Fi capable;
  2. Wi-Fi calling must be enabled on your phone; and
  3. You must register an E911 address to the phone.

To activate Wi-Fi Calling, you will need to provide us with an address for your primary use of Wi-Fi ("Primary Address"). If the location at which you primarily use Wi-Fi changes, either temporarily or permanently, you must register the new address online at or by contacting Customer Care. It may take 24 hours or more to update the address information. If you do not give us your Primary Address, we will block your ability to use Wi-Fi calling. When you use Wi-Fi Calling to dial 911 and you are away from your Primary Address, we will have no information about your location. Always be prepared to report your precise location to 911 emergency responders.*

By clicking ENROLL, you agree to the Wi-Fi Calling Terms & Conditions.